2009-10-18 12:49:22 by peppermeek

im just bored


2009-10-17 23:27:58 by peppermeek

it's a dress up game and it seems pretty crappy too D:
but, i made a couple of good clothes :D
i didn't really buy the adobe flash thing, but i just did that in a free trial... (kinda sucks D:)

about the time fcuk game :3

2009-09-24 23:28:46 by peppermeek

i made my own level!!! :D
check it out and comment back how it is :3
the code: 1375
enjoy :D

i entered some of my art and i don't think it's working...
it said that this peice of art isn't scouted yet...
and i think the others got through the portal pretty quick...
i am really cunfused <(@^@)>

... <(._.)>

2009-07-22 22:15:03 by peppermeek

i heard that they opened up an art portal!!! Art and drawings i can do :D
i just hope people will like them... if u don't, then don't comment <(>_>)>


2009-02-02 18:49:56 by peppermeek

I CAN'T GET TO A MAC!!!!! I have a mac at home... but i can't fint the charger!!! UGHHH >:U I soooooo disapointed that i hadn't started my imovie flash yet!!!! IM GONNA TRY MY HARDEST TO FIND THAT CHARGER!!!!! (also i need to find my flash drive 2 >.<)

YAY!!!!!! :D

2009-01-24 21:22:14 by peppermeek

I'M NOW 14!!!!!! im soooo happy :D... but now i have this bad cough. D: it suks. but i was able to get things going (also with making a flash) though i gotta fix it a little. :/ for starters i feel like showing my drawings using imovie into a flash. if u think it's a bad idea... DON'T LEAVE A COMMENT IF IT'S MEAN >:U

ps: do u like the picture of me that i drew on the computer with a mouse :3

YAY!!!!!! :D

im a noob D:

2009-01-11 16:11:09 by peppermeek

so... im new here... :l yeah... im the noob . . . i like applesause :B
(idk what to say but what i really want to do is to download adobe flash perfessonal cs4. plz tell me how so i can do a awsome flash D: )